ASF-Anker - Anton Schmoll GmbH was founded during the first world war by Mr. Anton Schmoll. During these times it was used for the production of coaches and contract work for nearby companies.

In the 1930s the focus of ASF-Anker changed to production of bolts and screws. During the 1980s ASF-Anker became a producer of DIN- and abnormal bolts, especially T-Head anchors and double threaded studs , of even bigger measurements (threads diameters up to 150mm). The sheltered production area was extended to 8000 m².   



Around the beginning of the 1990s ASF-Anker extended its portfolio again. Based on the production of big connection elements ASF-Anker became a producer of round steel connectors for water and port engineering. Besides the round steel anchoring (eye anchor, extensions, couplers, turnbuckles, etc.), additional welding constructions (walings, gangways, dolphins, stairs, bollards, etc.) were produced and the corresponding additions (bollards, sheet pile wall cappings, etc.) were added in our portfolio. To achieve this additional production area was created at our headquarter and following this a second plant with a welding workshop. Meanwhile more than 25.000 m² production and storage area are standing by where we can handle single weights up to 32t.



Currently ASF-Anker enhances its production again in the range of geotechnics and here in particular the innovative sheet pile connection element injection pile.

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